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Chess: Eternal Tournament

Hey everyone! this is the first artwork for our new game, Chess: Eternal Tournament, a free to play competitive online game inspired by chess and competitive games (not an auto chess clone!) that we have been working on. We just anounced the game and a crowdfounding campaing, of course this is not the best time to ask for money but life must go on and we decided to announce the game dispite everything that is working on, so please if you think you might have any finansial dificulty or is already there, don't even consider supporting our project. We are working on a small demo to be released soon so you will be able to play and test the game, so maybe it can help a little bit with our isolation and everything that is going on...

If you are interested in knowing more you can head over our website and stay tunned for updates and everything that we are working to release as soon as possible,

Thanks for your time, stay safe and stay home!